Weekend Walks: Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto

There is something about moving to a new city which makes you feel like every weekend must be action packed and full of adventures.

Even though we are here for two years, and so in theory there is plenty of time, I am keen to make the most of the summer months and pack in as much Toronto sightseeing as possible.

Of course, sometimes life gets in the way. And you need those chill-out weekends from time to time. But I am pleased that this weekend we managed a long (and very warm!) walk around Tommy Thompson Park.


walk 6 blog
View from Tommy Thompson Park, across the lake towards downtown Toronto

To be honest, we didn’t really know much about the park before visiting. I spotted it on a ‘Best things to do in Toronto in the summer’ post a while back and thought it looked interesting.

I now know the park is a man-made peninsula which extends five km into Lake Ontario and is over 500 hectares in size. The park, other than footpaths and cycle trails, is largely untouched and has been left as a natural habitat for a variety of wildlife.

walk 2 blog
Bird watching on Leslie Street Spit. These trees were full of birds nests

A word of warning – take lots of water, snacks and sun cream with you. Once you get into the park there is no running water or facilities and little shade from the sun. The hot weather yesterday took us by surprise and we ended up a little lobsterfied by the end of the day.

walk 3 blog

There is a paved lane that takes you right to the tip of the spit. However, I preferred the smaller paths that were designated for walkers only. These weave between the trees, and you get a much better view of the lake, cobble beaches and wetlands.

The park also provides the ideal viewing spot for Toronto’s skyline.

walk 8 blog

Definitely worth a visit, there is parking available at Tommy Thompson. You can also get there by taking the street car along Queen Street East.

For more information visit:




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