Summer in Toronto: Scarborough Bluffs Park

Continuing our tour of Toronto’s many parks and green spaces, this weekend we visited Scarborough Bluffs Park.

Scarborough bluffs is around an hour from downtown on public transport – although I am sure you could get there quicker by car (if you have one).

We took the subway to Union Station and then the Go train from there to Scarborough. Expecting it to be another scorcher like last weekend’s trip to Tommy Thompson Park, we stocked up with water, sun-cream and took some picnic nibbles with us.

scarborough 10 blog
Toronto GO Train. I still find Double Decker Trains pretty novel

It was around a half-hour walk from the station to the beginning of the park/ walk. This is at the top of the cliffs and offers stunning views over Lake Ontario.

I just love how clear and blue the water is!

From there you can take an off road path that winds along the cliffs. This leads to the lower levels of the park where the marina, facilities and beaches are. It’s a 30-40 minute climb down depending on quickly you go.

The park was the ideal spot to relax. The area was popular with many families making a day of it with bbq’s and picnics. However, it didn’t feel too overcrowded. It was great to just be able to chill by the lake with an ice-cream and watch the world go by.

scarborough 7 blog
Canadian Geese. Good spot for an ice-cream

Water sports are really popular in Toronto, and I’ve not really seen the process of boats on the back of trailers being driven into water before (I’m sure there’s a proper word for it!). I was very content simply sitting and watching in the sun.

It was also quite satisfying to be able to look up to the cliffs we had just climbed down.

scarborough 11 blog
Scarborough Bluffs – cliffs and the beach (and me)

At the end of the day, I was quite glad we had gone for the public transport option rather than renting a car. It saved us having to clamber the whole way back up the cliffs to the car park. Instead we opted to get a ride back to Scarborough Go Station.

(There is a car-park at the bottom of the cliffs too – but a word of warning, apparently this fills up very quickly in the summer months and there is limited over-spill)

Do you have any recommendations for walks in Toronto? Get in touch!




8 thoughts on “Summer in Toronto: Scarborough Bluffs Park

  1. High park is a nice walk. Same with the Martin Goodman Trail. If you have access to a car, check out a bit of the Bruce Trail/Niagara Escarpment… Mount Memo and Rattlesnake Point are somewhat nearby with some pretty cool views.

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  2. I love the Scarborough Bluffs. My husband and I moved to Toronto a little over a year ago from South Africa. We love the Don Valley, in particular the trails near The Brickworks. So lush and the dogs love it! The Brickworks has a lovely farmers market too. Excellent food!

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  3. Ah yes, The Brickworks are relatively close to where we are living in Toronto. I love it there too! We visited back in April time so it might be nice to go back there now its summer. Hope you have enjoyed your first year in Toronto!

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