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Toronto: What’s on your doorstep?

The clocks went back an hour yesterday. I always love it when the clocks go back, and the feeling of getting that extra hour in bed in the morning. I could wake up feeling, for once, refreshed at 7am – and enjoy an hour or so of reading in bed. Lazy mornings are the best.

Some days, like yesterday, I think I’ve got this whole living abroad thing under control.

Part of my position at work involves receptionist like duties. This includes welcoming new members of staff to the department. I got into a conversation recently with a newbie who has just moved to Toronto from India, with his wife and young daughter. He was telling me about how his daughter is struggling to settle, how she has a cold but he hasn’t got his health insurance sorted yet, how they only have an air BnB for a week before they have to move again. And I couldn’t help to think how completely terrifying that must be.

I found moving enough of a rollercoaster, and that was with the very generous support offered to us by my partner’s company. Plus the fact we moved to a country which speaks the same language as our native tongue, and whose culture isn’t a million miles apart.

That’s why I get so frustrated at myself when I’m on a dip in the rollercoaster – or a loop the loop where everything just seems all over the place.

Yesterday, however, was a high. Our last few weekends have been pretty quiet. We have been busy doing those odd jobs, starting Christmas shopping (I am anticipating Canada post may be pretty slow over the festive season, so I want to get things in the mail as soon as possible!), and we cooked our first roast since arriving in Canada.

Yesterday was such a glorious day, we decided to explore some of Toronto’s districts and discover the gems on our doorstep.

Everyone says Toronto is a food lover’s heaven, and whilst I have had some pretty decent meals here, I still feel like I haven’t really got to know the food scene too well. That was why we decided to explore ‘Little Italy’, to try out some authentic Italian cooking. I have to say this was by far the best pizza I have had since coming to Toronto.

Delicious Pizza in Little Italy

I am keen to try a few more of these areas of Toronto influenced by different cultures across the world – ‘Little India’, ‘Little Greece’ and ‘Little Korea’ are all on the list!

Next, we got the streetcar east towards High Park. It is still so sunny and warm here! And the trees are still beautifully golden. High Park is a prime viewing spot to get the full rainbow of autumn colours.

After a stroll around the trees, we got back on the streetcar, but this time along Queen’s Street – stopping off around Trinity Bellwoods Park on Queen Street West.

street car.jpg
Streetcar, Toronto

This is the art district of Toronto. I love the atmosphere in this part of town; it is so different to the condo strewn downtown core, with mainly low-rise buildings, lots of graffiti, independent art shops and coffee houses. It actually reminds me a lot of Bristol, where we lived in the UK. We browsed through many of the craft shops, but there is so much to see I could easily go back and make a full day of just exploring Queen St. West alone.

art and design.jpg
Queen Street West

As always, I am keen to hear off readers and love tips on things to do in Toronto – whether that be great places to eat, shows to see, gardens to visit and especially any hidden gems off the beaten track!




5 thoughts on “Toronto: What’s on your doorstep?

  1. Glad to see you’re enjoying the city. When you have a chance, I recommend the Granite Brewery pub on Mount Pleasant near Eglinton East. The food is quite good and the beer delicious.
    Of course, it is nicer in the summer on the patio.
    Korea town is awesome.
    I would also recommend Mr. Pide near Pape station–Turkish food.

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