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Expat Diaries: 9 months away from home

Oh blog. You have been painfully and horrendously neglected recently. I promise it’s not because I don’t want to write, because I really do, it’s because life has been somewhat ordinary as of recent.

It’s because we haven’t been on any exciting adventures outside of Toronto, and I haven’t cooked up any innovative recipes. It’s fair to say my inspiration is feeling a little fizzled.

Despite all the odds, I have somehow found myself with a relatively steady 9-5 office job. So even though I am technically a ‘casual worker’ my routine for the past six months has been exactly the same every day. That is, get up, get the subway to work, sit in an office all day, and get the subway home.

And that’s the thing about being an expat. You expect each new day to be another exciting adventure, but it is surprising how samey life can quickly become.

I almost miss the first few months here, as crazy as they were. Everything was a challenge – and that can be taken positively or negatively. But also I had so much time on my hands to daydream about how we were going to spend our two years in Canada – and to dwell over my career options (none of which had the word office in the title). I say almost as I definitely don’t miss that feeling of uncertainty about where the money to pay the bills is going to come from at the end of the month!

One thing being here has done however is make me think long and hard about what I want to do when I get home. And that date is creeping around pretty quick – this time in a year we will be thinking about packing up!

Anyway, how is Toronto ticking recently?

Our last few weeks, since Thanksgiving back in October really, have consisted of trying to put some money aside for a trip to New York at Christmas. Therefore, we have been staying local most weekends. With Christmas looming, most free time has been spent shopping and making the flat look festive.

We also had a rather seasonal weekend a few weeks ago – watching the Santa Clause parade. It was the first (and so far only) bit of snow we’ve experienced this year, although I’m sure there is plenty more to come!

Santa Parade (minus Santa)

Unfortunately we never actually saw Santa – as we were perched at the end of the parade route, and Santa had fallen pretty far behind by then. After a couple of hours of standing in the cold, we decided getting lunch somewhere toasty was a better option instead.

We’ve also visited various Christmas fairs around Toronto. This is always a dangerous excursion as we always seem to end up buying more bits and pieces whenever we go to one of these. The Distillery district is looking particularly beautiful at the moment… and it kind of reminds me of some of the Christmas markets we get at home.

Christmas Market at the Distillery District, Toronto


So there we have it. 9 months from home and no major dramas to report! Things are still tricky, and still have their ups and downs but I am starting to think that is just something I am going to have to accept. Who knows what will change in the next few months!




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