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Freezing Rain!

Freezing rain can be beautiful in winter!

I keep getting told Toronto is experiencing an unusually warm winter. It’s certainly not half as bad as I was expecting – maybe I’ve brought the mediocre British weather with me!

But last week, I did get to experience a whole new weather I’ve never seen before – freezing rain! I find its hard to explain (and I found it hard to understand before seeing it for myself) – why it’s more than just really cold rain and not sleet or hail.

Any Canadians reading this probably won’t get what the big deal is… but to a Brit overseas it was new phenomenon.

Freezing rain is basically rain that freezes almost immediately upon making contact with the ground. A total nightmare to walk through, as the ground pretty much turns into an ice-rink – but incredibly beautiful to look at. Everything outside – trees, cars, benches – become encased in a thick layer of crystal like ice.

It’s not the easiest to get photos of, but here’s a few (plus a few I stole off my boyfriend) to show you what it’s all about….

Close-up tree branches





2 thoughts on “Freezing Rain!

  1. Great sequence. Welcome to Canada. 🙂

    Our Canadian winter has a new normal – all the weather you would normally get for the season, but it just jumps and swings about in much less predictable fashion. We live in a community north of Lake Huron’s North Channel. We have had very kind of winter weather this year.

    One trick for photographing winter is using B&W or tonal monochrome. Brings out texture and detail, especially in medium & close-ups. 🙂

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