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Toronto Cherry Blossom Watch

It’s spring. Strange- I’ve really got that feeling of hope and warmth that often gets associated with this time of year.

I certainly don’t remember feeling this aware of the flowers blooming, the birds tweeting or the gradual growth of green around the city this time last year.

Maybe it’s because I was too pre-occupied with the whole ‘getting settled into Toronto’ thing in April 2016. Or maybe it’s because I’ve just experienced my first Canadian Winter!

This weekend we (and half of Toronto judging by how busy it was!) visited High Park and Trinity Bellwoods Park to see the Cherry Blossom.

High Park Photography:

blossom 4
Blossom just starting to bloom in High Park
petals 3
Petals ready to bloom in High Park – should be looking beautiful in another week!
blossom 2
Enjoying the spring weekend

Trinity Bellwoods looked particularly beautiful, and seemed a few days ahead of High Park in petal terms:

blossom 1
Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto. Cherry Blossom
blossom 6
Trinity Bellwoods, Toronto

I love this shot of the blossom framing the CN Tower:

blossom 5
The CN Tower and Cherry Blossom, Toronto

I hear the blossom will only be around a couple more weeks, so if you are in Toronto, make sure to fit in a trip to the parks soon!


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