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Back to Bristol, UK… and time to say goodbye (for now)…

Bristol in ‘The Beast from the east’ last week. Not quite Canada’s level of snow, still I kind of enjoy how excited everyone gets about it here 🙂

I’m taking a much-needed break from trailing thorough endless pages of job listings to write what will probably be my last ever blog post on ‘Scribbles from Overseas’.

I’m back in the UK! We landed in London shortly before Christmas, and had a busy festive period catching up with family and friends, and a busy January getting settled back into Bristol. It really feels like we haven’t stopped the last couple of months, and still haven’t quite found ‘normality’ yet.

But our shipping has arrived from Canada. We have made the many trips across the UK to collect all the boxes of the mysterious things we’d forgotten about which were left with family whilst we were away. We have found a place to live and finally finished unpacking.

I’m very glad to be home. It’s strange but exiting to have so much going on again… weekends to other cities to visit people, friends coming to visit us, weddings, baby showers… it feels so nice to be involved in everything again!

But it hasn’t been a smooth process either. Finding somewhere to rent in Bristol was a challenge and I still haven’t found proper employment. Whilst in many ways everything seems the same as before we left, I am finding more and more I can’t simply pick things up where we left off.

For example, I’m finding I am having to start from the very beginning  with jobs again. It’s rather demoralising to feel like you’re never moving forwards, or up the career ladder as it were, just round and round in endless loops.

And rent/ house prices have increased a horrendous amount. We really struggled to find anywhere affordable to rent; and I’m sure house prices have shot up in the last 2 years too. (I saw on a recent episode of location, location, location that house prices in the area we live have increased 286% in the last 15 years….)

Beautiful, colourful Bristol, UK

But I guess I should end by reflecting on my expat experiences. What went well, what didn’t go so well? Would I do it again?

It’s not a simple yes or no answer. Yes, I’m so very glad I went: I experienced some amazing places, met some amazing people and have created memories I will treasure for life.

I’d never say never in terms of moving abroad again. But for now, I want to keep my feet in one place, and get a little more stability back in the everyday.

So, in no particular order, the best things about my expat experience were:

  • Exploring the west coast of Canada. The Rockies were truly breath-taking!
  • Canadian wildlife and countryside
  • Having so much freedom
  • Meeting new people
  • Challenging myself (although at the time it may not have felt positive, it has certainly made me into a stronger person)
  • Having the space to start writing again
  • Snow… and seasons… but most of all I miss the snow!

And the things that weren’t so great:

  • FOMO! Missing out on everything going on back home
  • Career… as the expat spouse, I found my career prospects were rocky. It can be difficult to find good employment when moving abroad unless you already have contacts there, and I do feel like its set me back a couple of years too now we are home
  • Loneliness – related to FOMO mostly.

And there we have it. 2 years. Many ups and downs. And now onto the next chapter.

I’m hoping to create a new site soon, focusing on my career as an aspiring fiction writer (did I mention I’ve finished my first novel!?) But until then, thank you for your ongoing support of ‘Scribbles From Overseas’. I will keep my site active, and please do get in touch if you have any questions about

bye for now,





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