5 Things I learnt from Writing my First Novel

Sarah EA Hunter

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Is it time to file my first novel away?

You’ve written your novel; it’s been redrafted more times than you care to remember; it’s finally *finished* and ready to submit to publishers and literary agents.

Having that final draft in your hands (or on a screen) is a huge accomplishment, and for me a large part of writing my first novel was learning *how to write a novel*.

Of course, I’d be lying if I said my dream wasn’t to get it published. I would love to see my books on shelves in bookshops, in window displays and on Amazon with shiny starred reviews.

But the longer time ticks for between me writing ‘the end’ and a positive response from an agent appearing in my inbox, the more I must consider maybe it’s time for me to file my first novel away.

It’s still early days…

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