Diary of an Aspiring Author

Sarah EA Hunter


How to stay motivated when faced with rejection

Being an aspiring author is a funny old business. Some days, I wake up, full of positivity about my book (what a great idea it is), optimistic that one day I will achieve my ambition of getting a novel published. Sometimes the words just flow.

But it’s the other days I want to talk about. The days where I wonder whether I’ve wasted a million hours writing; where the self-doubt kicks in and a snarly voice in my head mutters ‘maybe, I should just throw it all in’.

Rule number one: you haven’t wasted a million hours writing if you’ve enjoyed those hours. Admittedly, I didn’t enjoy every second of the process of writing my first book. There were some hours where I’d stare at the same page of squiggled handwriting for hours trying to make a dreary paragraph work…

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